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USB Outlets In Your Home-Installed By Your Full Service Electrician, On-Line Electric

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

What's the Deal With Installing a USB Outlet?

For the past few years, the design world has been making a valiant effort to catch up to our obsession with our smartphones and tablets. One of the most exciting changes: electrical outlets have gotten a much-needed makeover, with USB sockets built right in. "Finally!!!"

shouts everyone everywhere. Once the elation subsides, however, we're left with so many questions, starting with the buying process and ending with how the heck it's installed. Here to answer them all is Timothy Dahl, founder of home improvement blog Charles + Hudson. Like the rest of humanity, his family loves the new USB outlets. "We don’t have to chase down chargers around the house—just grab a cable and go—not to mention the fast and efficient charging these receptacles provide!"

Do you have to buy a specific kind?

"What’s great about Leviton’s USB charging receptacles is that they work with both USB Type-A and the USB Type-C, so there is no need to upgrade later. Type-C is the newest charging port that the latest phones and tablets are equipped with for faster charging."

Who should you call?

"The USB charging receptacle installs the same as a standard outlet, so any electrician should be able to do it. If your super does electrical work, they should be able to install it easily, too. Just let them know that you would like to swap out an existing outlet with one that has USB charging capabilities built in."

Will switching to a USB outlet affect your electricity bill?

"No, USB receptacles do not affect electricity costs because they provide the same amount of power as the USB charging cord phone manufacturers include with a phone. In fact, Leviton USB receptacles have demonstrated faster charging on some devices versus the charging equipment provided by the manufacturer."

Call On-Line Electric today for the installation of your USB outlets!

USB Outlets In Your Home-Installed By Your Full Service Electrician, On-Line Electric15100 Total cost of 2 white outlets, cover plates and installation. No other fees apply. Existing outlet box must be able to accommodate new receptacle.

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