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Top Consumer Tips for Choosing Electrical Contractors

Top Consumer Tips for Choosing Electrical Contractors

1. Always call a licensed and insured professional electrician to perform electrical repairs. Electrical work requires Specialized knowledge and tools to avoid injury to yourself or damage to your home. 2. If you own an older home, you may want an electrician to examine your system to catch any safety issues; for instance, your electrical system may not be properly grounded or you may need a larger main panel 3. If your breakers trip frequently, outlets emit a burning odor, you are hearing strange noises or lights flicker at random, call an electrician to take a look for underlying issues. 4. The US Fire Administration recommends testing your smoke detectors once a month, replacing the batteries once a year and replacing the smoke defector units every ten years or when they no longer function when tested. 5. Ask your electrical contractor about standby generators if you live in an area that commonly experiences storms or power outages or if someone in your home relies on medical equipment.

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