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​Full Service Electrical Work

Best Quality of Work Possible at a Reasonable Price

Effective and Efficient Problem Resolution

Client Base Includes Residences, Businesses, Luminaries and General Contractors

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Estimates are scheduled when a technician is in your area. We do our best to accommodate the customer; however, we must keep travel time and distance within reason so that we can provide excellent service and low prices to our customers.

Many times homeowners question if they really need to hire an electrician. They are worried it may cost too much and some think hiring a ‘professional’ is overkill for their project.  Home projects requiring electrical work that is done DIY, or by someone who does not have the proper state licensing can be potentially dangerous. Homeowners end up finding out too late that the work done either doesn’t pass inspection or code, or the person they hired is unable to finish the job. If the job fails inspection or something bad happens, the homeowner then realizes they have to hire a professional electrical company.  This could also mean going over budget because the homeowner now has paid two people to do the same job.

Why Hire ON-LINE Electric, A Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor?

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