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Common Questions Answered About Ceiling Fans

Fan Operation: Which direction settings should I use?

    Reverse during the cold season, and forward during the hot season. To know your fan is spinning in reverse, it should be spinning clockwise. To know if your fan is spinning forward, it should be spinning counter-clockwise.

My fan is making a clicking sound. How do I make it stop?

    Check to see if a screw or nut is loose. Check the fan pole mounts to make sure it’s secured. Check the mounting bracket located under the canopy to make sure it’s secured to the junction box and ceiling. Make sure that all screwed and nuts are tightened.

My ceiling fan is humming and the motor is not spinning. What's the problem?

    In this case, the capacitor in your ceiling fan has gone bad. The fact that it is making a humming noise is the fan is still receiving power but does not have the ability to spin with a bad capacitor. These parts are available for replacement, but any uncertified ceiling fan technician that opens the motor housing of your fan will cause the fan to void warranty. Another cause for this to happen is the control system for your fan may be the wrong type of system, thus causing the humming noise without the motor to spin.

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