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5 Tips For Electrical Outlet, Switch, & Lighting Placement

1. Do A Walk-Through Of Your Home, Business Or Office Before meeting with a contractor & electrician do your own walk-through of your house & decide where you want your outlets, light switches, chandeliers, pendant lights, sconce lights, speakers, exterior lights, etc.

Go with your thoughts & ideas or with just your spouse so that when you do meet with the electrician everyone is on the same page & your meeting will go a lot smoother & quicker.

It is so much easier to talk through. Also, be aware that the electrician may have to make some adjustments depending on the code of your state/county.

2. Take Notes

While doing your own walk-through, write notes in each room on the wood (stud) with a colored pencil so that we could easily remember what & where we wanted things. You can also do this with a plain pencil if your home is finished and you are simply adding outlets.

This will make the meeting with your electrician even easier as all of our notes were right there on the wood (or wall).

    The electrician can make his notes with a different colored pencil on the wood so it will be easy to distinguish between the two. (For additions, the electrician can use a colored pencil on the wall as well).

3. Plan For The Holidays

While doing your walk-through & planning the electrical, be sure to think about the holidays & how you will want to use electricity to decorate. Maybe you will want to connect all of the upper outlets to a light switch so that at Christmas you can turn on/off your Christmas tree & other holiday decors at the switch of a button. Or maybe you love to decorate the exterior of your home so you have extra outlets placed outside of your house. One other thing you may want to plan for is to have an outlet placed on our floor (once the floors are installed) right where you plan to have a Christmas tree. This avoids running unsightly extension cords.

4. Plan Smart

If you are wanting to have a smart home now, or even someday in the future, now is the time to plan for it. Make sure your electrician knows if you want special smart home features, indoor/outdoor speakers, or any other special features. Even if you don’t get the special gadgets right away, at least your home will already be wired for them for whenever you do decide to upgrade the smartness of your home.

5. Take Lots Of Photos

Once the electrical is in place, before the sheet rock goes up, take pictures or a video in every room of all of the electrical boxes; it is a great way to ensure to not forget to cut through the sheet rock for a forgotten or hidden outlet.

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