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Electricians And The Importance Of Hiring One With A License

Hiring an electrician doesn’t have to be stressful,

but there are things you should know before hiring an electrician or electrical contractor in Florida.

One thing that is a must for hiring any electrician is to make sure they are fully licensed.

Unfortunately, there are so called “handy men” or general contractors that advertise that

they do electrical work despite having no official licensing, or the proper expertise to do the job correctly and safely. While these unlicensed workers may charge very low fees for their services, you end up paying a lot in the end due to faulty repairs that later have to be done right. These unlicensed repairs, done by workers not properly licensed in the state of Florida can also have disastrous safety consequences. Keep in mind that electrical fires, are one of the most common causes of property damage and fires over all. It is absolutely important that anyone working on the electrical system in your home and business have the proper training, licensing, and experience to do the job correctly and safely. Also important is the liability of having someone unlicensed on your property performing the electrical work; should an unlicensed, uninsured person become injured performing work you hired them for, YOU are responsible for injuries and damages.

How do you know if the electrician you are hiring is licensed in the state of Florida?

Well, simply put, ask for it, and make sure you get the associated license number. If they are unable to produce their license, or do not have their license displayed anywhere on their site or in their store front, then you may want to look elsewhere for electrical work in your home or business.

One fully licensed electrical contractor servicing Florida is On-Line Electric. On-Line Electric is based in Tampa, Florida and have been servicing the Tampa Bay and the surrounding area including Port Charlotte for 40 years and are fully licensed. Their license number is FL State Lic. # EC13001753 and they are well reviewed for electrical services in Florida.

On-Line Electric has been recognized by residents as well as contractors for being professional, detailed, reasonably priced and courteous. They handle a wide variety of services, anything from simple lighting installations, to remodeling, outdoor electrical services, electrical rewiring, electrical repairs, and new construction. On-Line also features new innovative product installations such as USB outlets and smart doorbells.

Your home or business only deserves the best. Your property’s electrical system is simply too important to leave to inexperienced hands. Do your research before hiring any electrician or electrical contractor.


● Are they licensed?

● Are they well known in their local community?

● Have they been in business long?

● Can they do more than just one type of repair?

In the case of On-Line Electric, the answer to all the above is YES. They are committed to customer service, and doing the job right the first time. They are fully professional, but offer affordable pricing and will take their time to answer all your questions and addressed all your concerns.

Call On-Line Electric at (813) 662-0362 to find out all they can do for you!

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