What has four wheels and flies?

Garbage Truck


Congratulations on your new home!  Now that you are moved in you can be rest assured that On-line Electric, one of the bay area's top electrical contractors has your back!  If you have any electrical issues in the first year, please do not hesitate to call.


  In fact, ON-LINE Electric is also able to install any fixtures, fans, Tesla or EV outlets, and any other electrical improvements you may have.  Give us a call, whether it is a free warranty issue or the best prices on your electrical needs. 


ON-LINE Electric has never nor will ever charge a "service call" or "show up" fee.  Our pricing is straight forward and fair, never charging a fee unless we perform the work. 



We are honored to have wired your new home!

Ceiling fans, fixtures, EV outlets?  Whatever your need, mention that you have answered the riddle for a 10% discount on your entire installation!