Winter in Florida...

  • Make sure you lower your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature setting. If your Florida home is equipped with a heat pump, adjust your thermostat in small temperature increments to make sure you keep the heat strip from turning on. This will keep your home’s temperature comfortable while minimizing the use of the less energy-efficient resistance heat strip.

  • Switch your central heating system unit to “Auto” mode. Leaving the fan on “On” can drastically add to your monthly heating costs.

  • Install the thermostat on an inside wall, away from windows and doors.

  • Clean or replace your air conditioning filters every month. Filters that are worn and dirty can increase your home operating costs by 20 percent.

  • Set your thermostat back 10 degrees at night to save on your Florida heating costs. Lowering you setting reduces the length of time that your heating system operates throughout the night.

  • Use ceiling fans in the winter to distribute the heat around a room.

  • If you have a fireplace, make sure you close your damper when you’re not using it. You may want to consider glass doors to help prevent losing heat when your heating system is on.

  • Keep intake registers unblocked by furniture or draperies.

  • Insulated or heavy curtains on windows facing the north side of the house will help keep heat in. Keep curtains and shades closed at night or on cloudy days.

  • When having guests at your home, lower the thermostat a degree or two before your guests arrive. That way, you won’t overheat your home or your guests. -By My Energy Geek

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